Thursday, 24 of April of 2014

Youth Health Promotion

Educational discussions with youths

Since April 2011, every week we are having  focus group discussions with youths about:

  1. Responsible sexuality, sexual transmitted diseases,  puberty,  gender equality, violence against women and girls, sugar daddy problem, unwanted pregnancy and abortion, self-confidence.
  2. Cholera, hygiene

More than 500 youths every week  . We meet youths in  schools (Lycée Bilingue d´Essos,  St Augustin high school,  collége polyvalent, lycée Mimboman, Bilingual school of Ayhunga) or  at Nkoleton health care center or at our office as well as public places/quaters.

If you want to be peer educator  for our discussion with youths , you are welcome.

Group discussions are  hold in our offices  as weel in Yaoundé, Bandja, or  schools,  municipilities rooms or after football match .

We also have extra english class and  computer class  in our center in order to help students  in need.

Our plan for the future (from  November 2012):

  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol problems, smoking, drug addict
  • Responsibility, youths empowerment, youth and leadership
  • Water problem, climate change

We have at our centers a library with  more than 300 books/magazines/thesis, 6 computers, internet, games, digital camera, sofware to study english, computers  learning software,  statistic software, qualitative software, well-being software, film about life in Sweden, information about the Swedish culture and Sweden .

Since October 2011, thre are conversations between pupils from  a Stockholm secondary school and  pupils from  Yaoundé. They are discussing about HIV/AIDS under teachers supervision.

During   June to Sept, more  educational discussions with youths  wiil be done  in  our centers in Yaoundé and  in Bandja.

From Sept  2012, we will organize weekly dialogue between pupils from Växjö, Sweden and Yaoundé and, Bandja, Cameroon. It will be about every day life, school, education, leisure time activities, health, gender equality and rights.

Example of activities , 2012.


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