Collaborations between Sweden and Cameroon


  1. Collaborations between  Umeå University medical faculty and the faculty of Medicine of Yaoundé I University, Cameroon (since 2007). 
  2. Linneaus-Palme exhange programme for students and lecturers between the the two Universities (Since  2011).
  3. Collaboration beween Sweden, Kristianstad University  and a University in Cameroon  (on going).
  4. Collaboration between Umeå University hospital and the General hospital of Yaoundé, Cameroon
  5. Collaboration between Umeå University hospital and the Bandja district  hospital,  Cameroon
  6. Collaboration between Universities in Sweden and  Cameroon
  7. Collaboration between  hospitals in Sweden and  Cameroon
  8. Collaboration between Dapi Welfare in Cameroon and different organizations in Sweden
  9. Skype dialog between youths in Sweden and Cameroon

Originally published July 2, 2010.