Bandja Youth Center

Educational discussions with youths

Bandja village

Bandja is a village in the Quest province of Cameroon. It has about 50,000 inhabitants and is situated 20 min drive from Bafang. Bandja has a small center at a road crossing with school, hospital, post, small shops and since 2013 a petrol station. It is a rural area and small villages are spread out on the countryside. Most of the area is cultivated by small family farms.

Bandja Youth Center

Bandja Youth Center is a small house in the center of Bandja, that used to be a café. Since 2011, there is regular activities at the youth center lead by a nurse. She is providing health education to youths and parents. The resent activities are presented at the web page Activities and the earlier activities on the web page Reports. There are also evening classes in different subjects.

The house is a rather charming hexagon building. Over half of the space, there is a second floor in wood. There is much that need to be done with the house. Fixing the roof to avoid leakage of rain, repairing the walls and floors, painting the walls and make the electricity safe. Also fixing doors and windows to decrease the possibility to steel things from the house.

The name of the organization in French is Fondation Nzefa Tshachoua Pierre – Centre pour la Promotion des Jeunes et le Developpement durable de Bandja (Reg No 199/RDA/F33/SAJP.-  du 30 Mars 2012 à Bafang).


Since April 2011, every week we are having  focus group discussions with youths about topics as:

  • Puberty
  • Self confidence, youths empowerment, youth and leadership
  • Gender equality
  • Responsible sexuality and unwanted pregnancy and abortion
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol problems, smoking, drug addict
  • Water problem, climate change

If you want to be peer educator  for our discussion with youths, you are welcome in person or via Skype.

We also have extra english class and  computer class  in our center in order to help students  in need.

We have at our centers a library with  more than 300 books/magazines/thesis, some computers, internet, games, digital camera, software to study english, computers  learning software,  statistic software, qualitative software, well-being software, film about life in Sweden, information about the Swedish culture and Sweden .

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