Students supervision

You are welcome to Cameroon as a student. We organize and follow your project/essay, you can participate to some courses at university, you can do your internship in  hospital, school or community in Cameroon.

All students supervised in Cameroon by Dr Léonie Dapi Nzefa, PhD ,  Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umea University, Umeå, Sweden since 2004

Names of the studentsProject TitleYearDepartment at Umeå University, Sweden
Magnus Svensoon Carl AronssonObservation and outcome of a nutritional study in schools in Cameroon2004Faculty of Medicine
Josefin Karlsson andAxel HellströmWeight as a screening method for detecting HIV infection in children in Cameroon2008Faculty of Medicine
Ellen Melne and Elin AlbertssonThe relation between underweight and infectious diseases among children below 2 years in Cameroon2008Faculty of Medicine
Jens Lundegård and            Patrik AnderssonA study of growth and undernutrition among school children in Cameroon in relation to different socioeconomic factors.2008Faculty of Medicine
Victoria Ruthström and Johanna SundénBreastfeeding practice and diarrhoea among children less than 1 year in Cameroon2008Faculty of Medicine
Sofia Sollander and Linn SöderlundMalaria prevention in Bandja2008Faculty of Medicine
Petra André and Helena FalkHIV and Breastfeeding, in Cameroon2008Faculty of Medicine
Bjorn RunesonIs flash heating an option for HIV positive mothers in Cameroon?2008Faculty of Medicine
Tove Welff and Elin RubertssonKnowledge and attitudes regarding HIV and AIDS among adolescents in Cameroon2008Faculty of Medicine
Shabnam Niksirat and Kadidia Cizanye(HIV  caring among  nurses at Cité Verte Hospital , Yaoundé)2009Department of Nursing
Maria SjögrenMalaria caring among nurses at Cité Verte hospital, Yaoundé2009Department of Nursing
Olov Christensen and Petter HuitfeldtMalaria and living conditions in Cameroon2009Faculty of Medicine
Malin Gunarsson and Linea JutoObesity among women in Cameroon2008Dept of Food and Nutrition
Lisa Ekola  and Kristin AndersonHow women fight again poverty in Cameroon2009Dept of Social work
Siri Lindskog and Kristina ScottSocial network in Cameroon2009Dept of Social Work
Emma Keisu andHelen RudebergKnowledge about HIV and its effect on testing rates among pregnant women in Cameroon2009Faculty of Medicine
Stina AhlströmBreast Cancer in Yaoundé, Cameroon2009Faculty of Medicine
Kalle BejstamPractices in hospital and courses in Cam2009Faculty of Medicine
Maria Feldt and Kerstin HauptHow uncomplicated malaria is diagnosed treated and followed up amongst children2010Faculty of Medicine
Cecilia Bergström and Helena BråninMalaria perception among secondary schoolchildren in rural area in Cameroon2010Faculty of Medicine
Annie Velander and Rebecka ErikssonHIV handling by nurses in Cameroon2010Department of Nursing
Viktor Berglund and Klas NordenskiöldPneumonia among children in rural and urban areas in Cameroon2010Faculty of Medicine
Linnéa Lundström and Frida JohanssonFeeding practices among chidren in Cameroon2010Department of Nutrition
Daniel Dahlgren  Malaria and environmental factors in rural Bandja, Cameroon2011Faculty of Medicine
Linda, Josephin, ElinInternship and course in Cameroon2012Faculty of Medicine


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