Travel to Cameroon

We have experience to arrange travels from Sweden to Cameroon for students, volunteers and lecturers.

What is exceptional ?

You will be able to live with a family and participate to their everyday life; you will interact with people in the community, visit their homes, and will be followed and helped by our personal all the time even in case of problem . By meeting with the community; this will provide you with an exciting and amazing experience, you will get a better and real picture and understanding of the society that you will never get as coming to Cameroon just as a tourist or when read from books and view from the internet.

EXAMPLE OF TRAVEL PLAN  TO CAMEROON for volunteers (two weeks)

Yaoundé 3 days

  1. You will be welcome at the airport and transport to home or hotel by ASC
  2. You will get help in going to the Swedish consulate and police
  3. You will be taken for a city visit  ( mokolo market, zoo, museum, monastery, art market)
  4. You will get some information about moral about how to live in Cameroon
  5. You will be taken to visiting the Yaoundé University and two hospitals.
  6. African dance and djembe

Travel to the Bandja village 3 days

  1. Welcome and accommodation in Bandja with family
  2. Visit to the Foundation Mbuelah Pierre Tsachoua and center for youth health promotion
  3. Visit to the hospital and chieftaincy, market
  4. Walking to the forest/mountain lekho, rivers, ancestry home and tree, river
  5. Visit to the municipality

Visit to the town Dschang 2 days

The Museum of Civilsation in Dschang

  1. Welcome and accommodation with family
  2. Visit to the Foundation, market, museum, CAPLAME (coffe compagny), climatic center, university
  3. Visit to the mamy waterfall and chieftaincy
  4. Visit to the colonial area and municipality

Travel to the Kribi 4 days

  1. Short stop in Doaula
  2. Welcome and accommodation in Kribi hotel
  3. Visit to the chute de la Lobé and pygmies village
  4. Visit to the fishing market and village
  5. Visit to the chimpanzees area

Travel back to Douala one day (Douala-Sweden)

  1. Shopping/hospital visit/visit to central market/ visit to the colonial area
  2. Airport

You can spend one day or more discussing and talking with youths at our centers

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