Books donation to the Bandja Lycée
  • Donation of 153 COVID-19 face masks and buckets to Bandja dwellers in 2020
  • Donation of doors, windows to schools in Bandja in 2020
  • Donation of Medical support to some Girls in need in Bandja 2020
  • Donation of Money to the Albinos organization in 2020
  • Donation of computer, books, dicdatic materiel to the Bandja lycée in 2017
  • Donation of food and money to the Social service of Essos, Yaoundé from  Feb, March, April, in 2014
  • Donation of food, school fees, to an orhanage in Yaoundé in  2013 and 2014
  • Donation  of  toys and money to  an Orphanage (Sos Village d´enfants)  in Douala in Feb 2012
  • Donation  of  food and money to  an Orphanage  in Yaoundé in 2009
  • Donation of  books  (all books  in program) to the Bandja Lycée in 2008 from grade 1 to grade 6,
  • Donation of   money, laboratory materials,  scale, iron, folic acid to women, present to children in Bandja hospital and health care centers since 2007