Book donation at Bandja Lycée
  • Donation of  books  (all books  in program) to the Bandja Lycée in 2008 from grade 1 to grade 6,
  • Donation of   money, laboratory materials,  scale, iron, folic acid to women, present to children in Bandja hospital and health care centers since 2007
  • Donation  of  food and money to  an Orphanage  in Yaoundé in 2009
  • Donation  of  toys and money to  an Orphanage (Sos Village d´enfants)  in Douala in Feb 2012
  • Donation of food, school fees, to an orhanage in Yaoundé in  2013 and 2014
  • Donation of food and money to the Social service of Essos, Yaoundé from  Feb, March, April, in 2014



Donations are welcome if you want to support the Sweden Cameroon Organization. If you stay in Sweden, our bank giro is  848-8546.

Originally published July 2, 2010 by admin.