Office in Yaounde in 2012

Educational talks with youths

We aim to promote youths well-being by organizing educational talks on :

  1. Nutrition and physical activity
  2. STD and HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy,   responsible sexuality
  3. Gender equality,  violence against women and girls
  4. Hygiene and sanitation
  5. Alcohol problems, smoking, and other addictions.

Bandja Youth Center

Youth Health and well-being centre in Bandja village

Activities :

  • Seminars and educational talks with youths.
  • Group discussions with youths (schools, quaters, open markets).
  • Game, drawing, songs, pictures, theater, films, books, art, magazines, shows, about health and well-being.
  • TV programs about health and well-being.

The Bandja Youth  Health promotion and prevention Center has been created in 2011 by Dr Léonie Dapi Nzefa  in remembrance of her father Mbu-Lah Pierre Nzefa Tsachoua.

Originally published April 15, 2011 by admin.