Be volunteer or student in Cameroon

You are welcome as a student to do your project, essay, internship or practice at hospital, university, community or school. Many students have already been here, who are studying Medicine, Nursing Science, Social Science, Public Health, Nutrition and Business Administration. We started to help students already in 2004. The first students came from Umeå University. Through the years, we have received more than 80 students and other professionals (physicians, university lecturer, librarian, nurses, engineers and retired people).Or , you can  come as a volunteer  and  work  in our Center for Youths Promotion in Bandja village.We organize, coodinate and follow your travel, visits and stay with family in Cameroon.

About ETHICS in Cameroon

Hopefully you will regard this as a reasonable code of conduct for doing your project in Cameroon. You will be working in another country and environment, with persons from very different culture and backgrounds. It may sometimes be hard to foretell what will offend a fellow person. A simple gesture, comment, attitude or word of endearment may be totally inoffensive in one language and culture but be extremely insulting when translated and used in another context. Be aware about that and respect personal integrity, culture, habits, hierarchy, work and country.

  • Do not judge the Cameroonian system, people, personnel, medical personnel, or culture.
  • Try to keep away all pre-understanding and prejudices, be open-minded
  • Do not used people/patients pictures for publication or internet and do not take pictures without permission.
  • Do not disturb the field work (ask question if you do not understand)
  • Do good/ do not harm
  • You should trust and respect your local supervisor, your local study team, university, hospital and colleagues otherwise if will be difficult or impossible to work together
  • Data field work could change according to the Cameroonian context, you have to be prepared and adapted to that.
  • Avoid judging with Swedish eyes glasses.
  • Avoid writing people’s name in your essay.
  • Be fair and open-mind
  • Field work preparation for the student is very important, and students should cope with the Cameroonian environment, and it is not the same as in Sweden
  • Final Report should contain: Background about Cameroon, introduction, aim, method, data analysis (Spss or open-code, description), ethic, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgments and reference.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Send you report/essay to us


Originally published October 8, 2010 by admin.